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Awesome comic mate, glad to see you’re still keeping this series running. It’s definitely one of my fave webcomics.

That awkward moment when you realize at least one of the people you live with doesn’t always use the front door.

Yeah, I think it did… The magnet-circle on his back is glowing now, and his belt-buckle got all scientific too.

On an unrelated topic… YAY! IT’S BACK!

It was glowing in the last strip that showed his back, which was 33, and the belt looks the same as in the strip before this one.

Did a check. In Elven 14, his back was not glowing.In elven 21, 27, 29, 31, 33 and this one it does glow.

I had to check all comics for this though. And wow, that took a long time, considering the huge amounts of comics that have been created already. People who missed the last 24 comics due to it’s high publication rate would have easily missed it. :-)

I had an idea.

what if everyone is having a chicken dinner and Danalach is trying to cram for an upcomming test for resurecting spells. So as she’s reading she idly mumbles something while waving her arms around.

Then suddenly the Chicken dinner stands up on it’s two legs and make a moaning clucking sound.

After that one would have to ask is her class a Mage or a Necromancer. Because if you do that for your test I don’t think you will pass. I don’t think people would apreciate it if you turn one of your party members into a zombie by accident.

Seriously… I was done with this comic three years ago. I found this by accident and now it is three more pages. The jokes are good. Or at least cute. I’d take them with stickmen/stickwomen… Why not change the art style to get the update rate up to say… one page a month? 4 panels of stick people? Would not be that hard and it would be all the more satisfying for the artist too. I finished my novel in three weeks and now I am cleaning up the pages… it was gods damn satisfying to write the last sentence and press ctrl + s…
Any snarky retorts to this will have to wait for another year to get answered. I won’t be back until then.

Still hope you update.

Also if you ever try to continue on the ANT comic try to include them enocuntering some very expensive mercenaries ones that don’t work in teams but are really tough. Like one that wears fire resistant armor who uses exclusively flame throwers and incendiary ammunition. (Like a standard flame thrower, and one in each wrist and several mini flame throwers…like someone you want to hire if you want a scorched Earth policy.)

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