Elven 40 | Shower Slime


YAY! Another Issue!

It looks like a plunger is a great weapon against a slime.

I also have to wonder what’s on that USB.

You know I wonder if the USB is for +10 strength.

Or even better he reads what’s on it and get’s an XP bonus of some high level ability he’s not suppost to get until level 20.

That would be interesting he gains a useful ability but as soon as he uses it he looses all his special ability points.

You know I had an amusing idea about the basement what if once she managed to open it up she goes down to see that the Basement is some king of large cavern and a high level skelliton knight was apparently stuck there for who know’s how long and as soon as he see’s the rogue he jumps on her and gives her a hug saying “Thank You do you have any idea how long I was trapped here!”

So, I have discover that his special ability is making monsters drop loot WAY more often then they should.

Also, I call that the USB has a Map to a dungeon on it. That, or the start of a quest.

I think it would be awesome if you revealed that Tarin was actually a Warlock and had demons in the basement.

OMG! I love this strip but it’s been over a month. May I please see an update? Guilt card: I just had surgery and need it to cheer me up. surgery=true My cat died. also true.
Threat card: I’ll tell my whole surgery story… boring.


Surgery? What happened?!

I had a gallbladder attack. I had to have an ambulance take me to the hospital. Three shots of morphine and I still hurt. They gave me an option of going home with pain meds or having surgery and I was like “where do I sign?”! They put in an IV for pain meds and got me a room. At 7:15 that morning they wheeled me off to surgery. They did it laparoscopically so there were 5 small incisions instead of one big one. It went great. I was pretty sore when I woke up but I was able to get up and move around. The staff said that was a good thing. I was up brushing my teeth and one of the incisions split and blood and fluid gushed all over. I looked like a move gunshot victim. They got me a new bandage and a clean gown. The next morning the same thing happened with another incision. The upside was they said I was ok to go home. I missed a week of work and got a bunch of hospital bills. :(
Cheer me up and post some more. Maybe show a little more of Cyprien after he’s showered off. ;:

Holy shit, sounds like an episode of House. :O
Hope you’re feeling better!

I’m a bit overwhelmed with stuff at the moment but will post something when I can :)

Good to see an update on this. (Looks like I’m late to the party.) Everyone has IRL stuff, so I totally understand it being tough to do things like this. Know as always that while we appreciate and enjoy your work, we understand that and don’t want you screwing yourself over just to make us happy though. Looking forward to future updates when you can make them.

I just had a rather amusing idea. I was watching a certain episode and it struck me about game logic.

Since everyone here uses RPG logic what would happen if a neighboring home that’s off campus but next to the main characters housed a guy who followed side scrolling fighting game logic. I can just image how the two would interact with each other. I bet they would mistake a guy like that for a monk class.

Look up Gravity Falls Fright Fighters I hope you can see that episode but the idea of a 2 dimensional guy with pixels there and using only logic from the type of game he’s from is for some reason very funny.

Hey, read the comic, and must say, I really enjoy it. Hope everything comes together, and that we can enjoy for frequent updates as a result. Pesky real life has a habit of getting in the way, unfortunately.

I was also surprised at how relatively balanced the survey on RPG classes is/was. Forming parties would be almost remarkably easy.

Keep it up, eh?

Awesome as usual XD I love your work. I wonder whats on the usb stick ^_^ hopefuly something to cause trouble XD

So, I found this gem via TVTropes (Fairhelm has the ironic honour of being the face of the Impossible Drop page), and got a good overdose of… if appreciation if what the author recieves, what is that which the reader gets when giving it? It’s pleasant in any case.

Soooo…. cheers on getting the time whenever you recieve the opportunity to fire this up again.

May the drops be with you.

I wonder what’s on the flash drive

The flash drive contains the next comic update, but since it was submerged inside of a slime…

Sorry, I don’t normally make “zomg, update already” comments, but it just popped in my head when seeing this and that it’s been 4 months since the last update XD

Aha! It’s a magic USB device, because having a science USB device would make just as much sense as a nonmagic glowing sword.

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