Elven 39 | Shower Slime


That’s what you get for not wearing FULL armor while showering. Geez it’s like preparedness means nothing to you people.

Hey, at least he’s wearing his helm, that way he won’t get it in his eye.

((hooray, comic is back on!))

See this is what happens when you fail to run the pipes for several months, things tend to grow in them that the water needs to displace before it functions fully again.

Err Welcome back!

you win one interwebs! you are the first webcomic author that said “i will do one in a few days” (ie on weekend) after a longer break, and actually did it!

I wouldn’t promise something if I couldn’t keep it!

in that case… how about promising us 3-5 strips per week for the next few years (with the odd timeoff for vacations of course)


Would be nice to do this full time, wouldn’t it?

Sorry, really busy next two weeks… :/
But hopefully after :)

Soooo busy. But I will endeavour to update soon, faithful minion! :D

Glad your back with another comic.

I wonder if plumming has this trouble a lot. I can picture that Plumbers has to have a class level for warrior of 10 before being allowed to join.

Also I just realized since the slime is white…I’ve never seen a white slim in any game. Is that thing rare? Because if it is defeating it may yield something unique.

well… there is something special about white goo, it makes it extra disgusting and such. in another game (Dwarf Fortress older versions with “fixed” demons instead of randomly generated ones) it was accompanied by tentacle demons and their “corrupt intentions”.
if you still have no idea why, you are maybe not corrupted enough ;p

I had an amusing idea what if one of your characters wanted to have a rave at the condo and sent out flyers unfortionally their was a typo that spelled raid instead.

Think about what would and could happen.

That’s a awesome idea, then someone opens up that locked door and they learn there is a whole dungeon down there.

but then they’ll need to work on kicking all of the “raid guests” out.

They may have to set up a want ad for monsters or something.

It would also take a lot of time to get the smell of burning torches out of the house.

Not to mention problems keeping people out of your stuff since all adventurers look into every nook and cranny and chest.

That locked door in the basement? Naaaaaaah. Tarin already cleaned it out.

And then hid all her stuff in there!

And now, a message to our awesome host and provider of Elven internetty webcomic goodness: MOAR PLEAZE!!! Seriously, this is an awesome webcomic and if I wasn’t a college student I’d be absolutely willing to pay for it!

But, seriously, dude, I’m a college student. Don’t make me pay for this, that would be uncool.

Hm… it’s been quite some time since an update, hasn’t it? It’s definitely tough to keep something like this up, but I’d like you to know that it’s much appreciated. The gaming references are hilarious!

huh, here I see a new comic and look forward to binging it, and I see I have come to the end of the road already. A shame, it had potential

Would definately love to see an update. If you can’t think of jokes, ask a couple of friends and/or a bottle of rum.

I love the strip, but i’m pretty sure i’ve been waiting for the next installment for at least two weeks- honestly I think this is better than the Ants one anyway.

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