Elven 38 | Natural Spellcaster


Maybe the girl will go on a crazed spell experement thing due to some baddly choiced words on her boyfriends part to get her cheered up and in the mood.

I can picture her jumping out of bed and shouting, “Your right I’ll prove I can get higher than a C!”

Then next thing you know she’s trying to make a custom spell and then it causes a desaster at school. maybe a spell with a wierd reaction or it brings forth a Dungeon Lord from the Kalypso game Dungeons tm. Or maybe she causes a war between two summoned elemental faction in the school setting fire and flooding it at the same time.

Oh also I hope you got to see the 2011 showing of Aquizition inc. It was great.

I’m not sure thats really a word there hun

She’s naked under those covers, broseph. She can express nonexistent words however she wants.

Ha! well now that you put it that way you are correct being super hot and naked pretty much gives you the linguistic licence to say what ever you want

You now it just strick me that wouldn’t it be funny if that girl forgot to take down the adds for a free room and the next day they had a large crowd of people surrounding the house.

Don’t suppose you are still alive?

I am indeed. A million miles away on holiday though, getting drunk and into trouble. Back in a couple weeks :)

Next time you take a break, I would appreciate it if you left your last comic as one involving a naked elf girl in bed again, as I check every few days or so I’ll be seeing it alot.

You need to fix the button so that someone can go to the latest comic, instead of keep presing the next button.

Hmmm… Mr. Nutter, you said early March, but did not specify a year. Can you let us know which year, please? :) P.S. Hope the move is going smoothly and the ‘internut’ is connecting properly.

Lol cheeky! XD Move went well thanks, just have to deal with a few temp flatmates at the moment so kinda crazy! And yuss, we’ve got ‘internut’!! :D

so can we see anything soon again? i mean, its now half a year, and even more than a month for the move? ok i admit i just found this comic this week but it looks fun and like the direction it took… but its not so much fun that it apprupt stops :(

Our flat got burgled a couple days ago -_-
They took the PS3, couple guitars, a netbook, PS3 games, a PSP and a phone charger that was still plugged in the wall… wtf – why would anyone steal a phone charger

Anyway, fml…

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope they catch they person(s) responsible, so you can get your stuff back.

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