Elven 34 | The Art Of Tanking


“Dana, I’m not going to lie to you. This is an intervention you have a problem. I know we can over come this together if you are willing to over look my flask habit.”

“Home brewed strength potions? The recipe is in my cook book under sexual enhancements”

This explains a lot; his armor, the scientific sword, his vast knowledge of lightbulbs, Cyprien is addicted… TO GLOWING THINGS!

Dana: Can’t sleep without a dose of mana potion. Addict.

Cy: Uses performance enhancing potions for his training classes. Steroids.

Tarin: Steals, possibly murders people. Anyone who’s played any of the Fallouts or Oblivion has already done this.

I don’t know those kind of look like dexterity potions to me maby he is planing to become a rouge lol or he is trying to increase his dodging stats… or he is just an addict XD

it just occured to me that since she drink’s so much mana potions why can’t she be a little more productive with it like constantly cast fireball to make her better at it so she actually has an excuse to drink so much mana potions.

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