Elven 33 | The Art Of Tanking


Its a shop, I can tell by the pixels….I’m not going there. Cy you need to stay a Templar with snarky comments like that if you don’t have a tank’s health pool you won’t survive.

Too bad respeccing in a different class usually costs a sh*t ton…

That or reroll. Cy would make a good halfling. He has the snarky remarks part down, and the love for little girls (halfling women are tiny).

Maybe while he’s there he could try to learn to increase his speed. Hey even if your a tank being hard to hit help’s to. Even if your attack power is one if your opponent can’t hit you it would drive them crazy if all you take take off them is 1 and so far they aren’t beating you.

Yea give up on being a Templar become a rogue its more fun, you get more money and you don’t get beaten up nearly as much XD

Lol if photoshop worked like that im sure there would be alot less over weight people in the world

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