Elven 32 | The Art Of Tanking


You know Cy they do make health potions in IV form. if we get you a little motorized pump you can put a big red button on your face. Then when the enemy hits you a potion is auto dispensed.

I’m just saying.

Poor guy can’t hold his potion. Probably should take some tips from Danalach. She guzzles them down like a champ.

When an ogre is holding you in the air and getting ready to smash your face in like a pinata, its vital to be able to drink from a keg while upside down.

I never looked at it that way, but you bring up an insanely good point about guzzling health potions on the battlefield. Stumbled across your webcomic (you were a few above mine)on the WebComicList and have been loving it ever since. Already went through all the past posts and will definitely be back each week!

this reminds me of a line in an old novel, part of the “guardians of the flames” series: (it takes place in a DnD-themes world)…the hero is trying to give a healing potion to someone else who’s hurt, and worries that they might choke, and someone else says, “don’t be silly, it’s a HEALING potion! the only way you could hurt him with it is if you hit him with the bottle!”

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