Elven 30 | The Art Of Tanking


I was trying to avoidance tank you know, can’t you see my armour is all of the monkey. My dodge skill is capped for crying out loud.

Maybe he should ask his roomate’s to punch him while he’s blocking when he get’s come to improve his ability to block. A few thousand punches should give him a…reasonably good block ability. Either that or find a particularly vicious roch.

Although good tank’s can just take punishment no matter if your blocking or not. I wonder how much his armor skill will go up with this viscous beating.

Try a potion of frost giant strength… oh wait thats baulders gate… never mind then.

I relied on those belts of x-giant strength to have a team of piddly strength characters. That game was so awesome.

i was thinking of icewind dale 2: wearing heavy armor reduces the dexterity dodge bonus…in this case, a bigger shield is what he needs!

Dang. Cyprien has a beefy amount of hp for a First Level Squire.

Then again I have been playing a lot of DnD lately, where you start off with 15 hp with 16 con and rolling as a barbarian.

Side note: Cyprien must be really slow to be unable to avoid those blows or dazed from the first punch to his head OR the giant dude is really fast.

Keep in mind wuffle he’s a Large creature, he may have Reach, and +4 to bullrush checks

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