Elven 29 | The Art Of Tanking


I have the impression that Cyprien is going to earn a LOT of XP today. I just hope that he has a good medical insurance. MEDIC!!!

Tanking indeed.

I saw this comic and as soon as I clicked on it to go to the next my Itunes went to Injection vs. DNA by GOA Doc. Kinda fits this in my mind. I don’t know why.

*looks up, way up, further up* um instructor, would it be alright if I respec’d to hunter? I’d like to feign death right about now.


In this situation I wouldn’t know whither to be angry at the instructure or flattered that he think’s I can take the big guy’s punches.

The only downside to being so huge is that armor costs a helluva lot more.

Except in mmorpgs, where one size fits all.

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