Elven 27 | Moving In


Either this will be a store house for stolen goods Illegal goods, weapons, or her attempt to recreate the treasure area in the cave of wonders from that Aladdin movie. Or at least to store goods until the heat’s off.

Or she expects to need a place to store bodies. Except I dought that even that much bleach could stop the smell of that many corpses. The mythbusters tried to get rid of the smell of rotten pig from cars enough to sell it. After days of through cleaning, bleaching, and everything they could only sell it to someone with no sense of smell.

And that was only one of the myth’s they tested about hiding corpse smell.

Just a thought, but does Cy have really small ears as the thought of stuffing Tarin’s head wings inside that brain bucket is just painful. Ohh maybe its a magic helmet.

Oh as for today’s comic maybe Tarin is cross class Thief/Necromancer as then she would only need the bleach till she removed all the squishy bits. Everyone know that skeletons don’t smell and she would need to store them someplace. She could store an entire army of collapsed boneheads in a decent sized basment. Rawr hot elf girl takes over the city with undead minions creates mana potion shortage.

I wouldn’t say small, they’re still pretty massive!

Maybe she just needs extra storage for her shoe collection. ;)

One other thought. If no one was able to get into the basement just what is in it any way.

It would be pretty funny if the basement had an enterance to a massive dungon or a cavern. Or even some very large looking place that you normally wouldn’t expect to see in a basement.

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