Elven 24 | Roommates


Wow that was fast.

I wonder if Pavlaw’s law would work on Danalach. You know when he trained the dogs with food until they always drooled whenever they heard a bell. I wonder if she’s so much obsessed with mana potions that she would do something similar.

I like how the two make important decisions: Dana decides the issue and Cyprien frowns the eyebrow (helmet). Funny, Dana is the tallest of the three.

Cyprien’s height is the result of wearing armour during one’s formative years, his spine is compressed. Funny story apparently dwarves were once a civilization of elven warriors but successive generations of increasingly heavier armour caused them to be squashed.

The beer and beards were all part of the ensuing shame as they tried to hide from their elven cousins what had happened. Tru Fax.

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