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After more than a year with this page in my bookmarks i finally visit it again just days after you posted something! WWWOOOOOHOOOO!!! thank you for not letting go of this!

Last Panel: *That horrible feeling when you realize your serial killing robbing roommate has a more stable source of income then you…*

Yeeeeeeeeei updates!
Though it’s been two months since them now…. Oh well, I can wait.

Still, I wanted to know what was inside the bloody drive.

lol, love your comic as usual. But they should know to never enter a Rogue’s room when they aren’t there, I forsee trouble in these twos future XD

Hey, this comic is great! I’ve just read all the strips in a row, and I see it’s been almost two months since the last strip… I really hope you don’t give it up! I’ll keep an eye on it on Feedly…

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