Elven 10 | Unidentified Longsword


“Your ancestors called it magic. And you call it science. I came from a place where they’re one and the same.”
But yeah, the Scientist did it!

You could also call a radioactive sword a glowing sword. That would be an interesting thing to equip you would have to be crazy to do it but depleted uranium is capable of being very dense material and very likely to break your enemies weapons and armor quickly.

Or a phosphorescent sword, or a glow in the Dark sword.

Actually depleted uranium is not really that radioactive. The main reason it is considered dangerous is because it is a heavy metal like lead and toxic to the body. They are actually commonly used as rounds because of how dense they are for armored targets. The danger is any dust from when they hit is toxic to the body and inhaling it can cause a lot of problems, or if you get a fragment stuck in you your going to get heavy metal poisoning pretty quick.

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