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Wacom Inkling

So I just heard about this new toy from Wacom which is coming out sometime next month with a MSRP of US$199.99. I have a feeling they will sell like hotcakes. The Inkling is basically a tool that lets you sketch on any pad/paper, but records your doodles digitally in vector format. You can then transfer them to your computer for further processing. I cannot overstate how awesome this is, especially as most of us are on the move these days and access to a scanner is not something we all have. On long haul flights you could just flip the Inkling out, and then stick your drawings straight onto your netbook. Awesome! Like, seriously! ;D


So I’ve been pretty busy at work these past few weeks working on a new game called Flur. Me and another dude were given three weeks to make it so he did all the programming and I did all the pretty pictures and music/sound. The idea was to make something really relaxing and stress-relieving, something you could play at your own pace. So while you’re waiting for the next instalment of Elven to inevitably come, you should play it. Lots.


Oh yeah, it’s now hosted on elven under the Flur tab. :)


Back from holidays, can start drawing again. Unfortunately the furniture in the flat has been reclaimed by the previous owner and I literally have just my computer and bed left lol. Oh well good to be back anyway.