No update this week

Christmas planning getting in the way. There will be one more update before I leave the country for Chrissie holidays. Holidays are awesome, I love holidays. Will return around mid jan.

Why did I get Skyrim

Argh. This has got to be the single most time draining game I’ve ever played. Haven’t been this unproductive in a long time, and I’m only level 10 or something. My character is a female wood elf rogue called Tarin. How original, I know. So far all I’ve done is break into houses and steal everyone’s things while they’re sleeping. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun being a rogue in an RPG before. The almost endless world, cities and places to explore make this class more enjoyable to play than ever before. Pick ALL the pockets! _o/ Cook ALL the food! _o/ Make ALL the potions! _o/ Put baskets on NPCs heads so they can’t see you looting their store! So much fun. So little sleep…

No update this week

Sorry guys, had too much on this week to work on the comic. In the meantime you should all play Skyrim, which I’ve heard really good things about. I still haven’t got it, and probably don’t have the time to play right now – but it looks amazing in all the preview videos. It’s probably the type of game where I’ll spend 3+ hours making a character. XD


So while Cyprien is busy getting his ass handed to him by Tyreus, what stereotypical class type do you guys n’ girls enjoy playing the most in your typical RPG? For more serious long-term RPGs (Baldur’s Gate, NWN, Dragon Age) I enjoy playing a rogue: picking locks, stabbing backs, stealing loot, skulking in the shadows. You know, the stuff you can’t really get away with in real life. XD For an action oriented RPG (Diablo, Torchlight) I prefer summoner. Having a whole swarm of crazed minions running around doing their own thing is just hugely entertaining. Ah… can’t wait for Diablo 3, although Torchlight 2 is coming out soon.

What's your favourite RPG class type?

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ANTS: OnLine

Just in case some of you were looking for ANTS (my old webcomic), you can find it here. I started this at school and kinda forgot about it till years later. It then went online for a couple years and updated every month or so. Too bad I had to discontinue it due to time constraints. Me and my flatmate have been looking at turning it into a flash game though, some variant type of tower defense with basic RPG elements.

Here’s a bonus pic of Skittle, one of the characters from ANTS. It was my first time trying out Corel Painter 11, and I had a real blast with it. The pic is obviously jujed up with photoshop for finishing touches, but everything else is Painter.