Host Migration

Hello everyone, the site is going to be migrated to a new host within a couple of weeks so expect some light turbulence. I will be trying not to mess anything up as I set everything up. Nothing should change if you stick to your usual schedule of checking back every two years :P

Most anticipated PC game of 2014?

So like the title says, which PC game are you most looking forward to in 2014? Not exactly the easiest choice, there are many on that list I’m absolutely dying to play… :/

What PC game in 2014 are you most looking forward to?

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Heroes Of The Storm

So I was trolling youtube the other day and came across a Blizzard trailer for Heroes Of The Storm. Now I’m definitely not a DoTA player, actually I haven’t even so much as looked at a MOBA-type game before, but this definitely has my interest. Being able to fuck shit up as Diablo is quite high on my list of things to try. It seems to be a DoTA-lite or DoTa for noobs which would really appeal to a complete scrub like me, who has always wanted to try DoTA, but was scared off by the learning curve. Blizzard have this knack of simplifying games just enough to make them accessible, but retaining good strategic depth. Very keen to see how this turns out!

In other news, I’ve been playing this game called Legends of Eisenwald made by Aterdux Entertainment, a small indie game studio based in Belarus. It’s available on Steam as an early access game at the moment and is surprisingly good! Those of you who are fans of turn based games like King’s Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic should check it out. It has its quirks and bugs, but is very unique and has a lot of potential to be a classic game upon full release.

2013 Update

So yup, 2013 is here (happeh nuu yeeeear erryone) and I’ve moved house yet again. And it’s a good un! Larger room, moar storage, bigger bathroom, huge garage, a deck upstairs, open plan kitchen and living area, fast-ish internet, guitar and amp all set up. Significantly better than the old place which was, how do I put it, a little bit shit. Hopefully with a more settled living situation I can maintain some semblance of a steady update schedule.

Oh also Mass Effect 3 was fantastic, and I loved the ending (I had the extended cut installed).

PS – I’m also updating the CMS so the site may break O_O.
PPS – Ok nevermind, that was disastrous lol. Don’t fix what’s not broken!

Moving House

Quick update. So yeah, moving into a new place, and everything is going all right… but there is NO INTERNET!!! Argggh. The worst part is I am still paying for it and New Zealand internet is fricking expensive. Gah!