2013 Update

So yup, 2013 is here (happeh nuu yeeeear erryone) and I’ve moved house yet again. And it’s a good un! Larger room, moar storage, bigger bathroom, huge garage, a deck upstairs, open plan kitchen and living area, fast-ish internet, guitar and amp all set up. Significantly better than the old place which was, how do I put it, a little bit shit. Hopefully with a more settled living situation I can maintain some semblance of a steady update schedule.

Oh also Mass Effect 3 was fantastic, and I loved the ending (I had the extended cut installed).

PS – I’m also updating the CMS so the site may break O_O.
PPS – Ok nevermind, that was disastrous lol. Don’t fix what’s not broken!


I didn’t find this on the page I’m linked to, for your web comic. It might let folk know you’ll be magically returning.
Already been there done that with your CMS, I’m glad to have found it back last night.

Now why didn’t the cockroach drop the usb and the Jelly drop a sword? it would have made more sense. That said I really like the the comic.

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