Moving House

Quick update. So yeah, moving into a new place, and everything is going all right… but there is NO INTERNET!!! Argggh. The worst part is I am still paying for it and New Zealand internet is fricking expensive. Gah!


To bad I’m still looking forward to the next update.

By the way I’m trying to remember the name of a certain web comic though it was linked to you previous website and now I can’t seem to find it.

It was one with a mercenary squad and the girls who likes explosions and cat’s.

Their was also something about a underground take racing. Do you remember the name of it?

Yes thanks. I still wish they would update it more because I think it’s a pretty funny comic. I also love cat’s and explosions to.

By the way I had a thought. Besides having the girl forget to stop the adds for roommates why not also show some appearances with some shady characters showing up meeting with the new girl at odd times for various situations.

I also have a very funny idea about show that paladin the result of over use of temp strenght enhancement potions. Normally when I find this out your stat’s tend to decrease sometimes. It would be interesting if he saw another paladin with very thin build structure telling him to don’t worry he took temp enhancement potions for years and he’s not had any problems. Then he get’s knocked unconscious by a butterfly.

That would be very embarrassing.

And thank’s again for telling me that.

Just wanted to say I really hope you continue the comic after the unexpectedly long break! :)

It will continue, things are just a bit disruptive at the moment. A lot going on right now taking up my time. At least internet is back up!

Good to know! My aussie friends complain about internet sometimes, I can only imagine New Zealand has it a bit worse. No need to even give a reason why you havent continued giving people free entertainment either ;)

I’m still checking your page every week or so… what is it… 7-8 months now…
i really like the comic, and am starting to lose faith here, will you continue with it? i really enjoy Flur, it helps me go to sleep at times.

Any ways, fun was had, and will be had hopefully… I’m wandering if there is anything to hope for..?

Best of luck with what you’re doing on that side of the world.

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