So while Cyprien is busy getting his ass handed to him by Tyreus, what stereotypical class type do you guys n’ girls enjoy playing the most in your typical RPG? For more serious long-term RPGs (Baldur’s Gate, NWN, Dragon Age) I enjoy playing a rogue: picking locks, stabbing backs, stealing loot, skulking in the shadows. You know, the stuff you can’t really get away with in real life. XD For an action oriented RPG (Diablo, Torchlight) I prefer summoner. Having a whole swarm of crazed minions running around doing their own thing is just hugely entertaining. Ah… can’t wait for Diablo 3, although Torchlight 2 is coming out soon.

What's your favourite RPG class type?

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Actually, I like NetHack a lot, which happens to be one of the oldest RPG’s on the Internet. It has an Archeologist class, which comes with a pick-axe. You can use that pick-axe to dig your own tunnels through it’s many mazes.
Then again, when you die, you leave a ghost behind for your next character, who can use it’s equipment including the pick-axe. If you’ve left an archeologist ghost somewhere, any of the other classes could just pick up his equipment, but must be capable to kill that remailing ghost, else you’ll end up with a level with two ghosts. (Then three, four, five, etc. Not fun!)

I am the LIMBERJACK!! *hacks my foes to bits* um ah I like hybrid dps. Pet classes are nice when done properly nothing is more irritating then playing a pet class with you pet aways missing/dead.

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