So yeah, which sites do you find yourself on the most stalking making idle chit chat with people you know? Or don’t know!

What's your social networking site of choice?

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I don’t have an account in any social network. I watch my mother wasting several hours every day in Facebook and playing Farmville and I honestly don’t get it

Why should I? I talk to my friends on the phone and/or face to face. Call me what you want, but I read the news and have read about ppl who got their ass fired because they put photos of themselves throwing up or because they said to their friends that their firm truly sucks. And plenty of girls/women who like to flaunt their tits (something that I like very much) on their page but then get surprised when some jerk at the work-place uses these pictures to undermine her authority. Or that their neighbour likes to use the ‘naked-tits picture’ for some “indescribable business” in the bathroom.

Get real people: everything that you put on such site can and will be used by your enemies at work and daily live. At least have the brains to use an alias known only to your true friends and use the privacy settings for Chris’sake. They are there to be used for your own protection.

@Aegnor – I understand your viewpoint, and agree wholeheartedly with your comments regarding privacy settings and understanding that information on social networking sites is public.

That said, I don’t think those are necessarily reasons to avoid them altogether. Most of the social events my friends organise are organised via Facebook – it’s easier than mass txting or trying to get a hold of everyone via phone – and having a collaborative space for each event to organise transport/whatever is handy.

Hot girls posting pictures is cool too.

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