Wacom Inkling

So I just heard about this new toy from Wacom which is coming out sometime next month with a MSRP of US$199.99. I have a feeling they will sell like hotcakes. The Inkling is basically a tool that lets you sketch on any pad/paper, but records your doodles digitally in vector format. You can then transfer them to your computer for further processing. I cannot overstate how awesome this is, especially as most of us are on the move these days and access to a scanner is not something we all have. On long haul flights you could just flip the Inkling out, and then stick your drawings straight onto your netbook. Awesome! Like, seriously! ;D


Ok that is cool. I have been wanting some way to get my admitted craptactular sketches digitized but I never used my tablet when I had one as I just prefer paper. This looks nifty though if it works with any sized paper I might get one as it is perfect for when I’m at work just doodle in my book and come home and boom already to go online.

Saving straight to vector and being compatible with both Photoshop and Illustrator is pretty cool. How does it work though?!

Also for those of you wondering why you can’t get it yet – it’s coming out mid September according to the website. :)

The techs been around for a while, used to sell a similar yet I’d say inferior product at one of my previous employers, but wacom would’ve taken it to a new level. From what I can remember, though don’t quote me on it, the one we sold would use an infrared sensor to figure out where your hand was writing on the paper, maybe it also made the surface of the paper capacitive. Couple that with a pressure sensitive pen and whatever other tech they’ve thrown in and bam, you strike gold. It won’t be as good as an intuos 4 i’d say but still pretty handy to use, would’ve saved me from having to scan all the prep drawings I did today.

It doesn’t just save them in just vector, the video say’s it’ll save in Bitmap or vector. I’d say it’ll convert from raw data to either of those formats, and the vector will be similar to saving a live trace, but I’m just assuming that’s how it’d work, I’m going to have to get one for when I’m at con’s doing commisions and want to save a copy of the work.

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