So I’ve been pretty busy at work these past few weeks working on a new game called Flur. Me and another dude were given three weeks to make it so he did all the programming and I did all the pretty pictures and music/sound. The idea was to make something really relaxing and stress-relieving, something you could play at your own pace. So while you’re waiting for the next instalment of Elven to inevitably come, you should play it. Lots.


Oh yeah, it’s now hosted on elven under the Flur tab. :)

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The game and the music are nice. Commenting upon the comic:

*If Dana is studying to be a mage and Cyprien is training to be a warrior then the future room-mate could be learning to be a thief. Someone who always getting in a lot of trouble for picking locks, opening doors and entering forbidden areas. Perhaps someone suffering from kleptomania? Always getting into trouble with ppl who don’t appreciate him/her “loaning” stuff.

*Or the future room-mate could be a cleric. A bit of a sanctimonious priest-wannabe. Or, even better a really relaxed priest-wannabe “I’m only here to have fun and get the holy powers, not to study and preach some old-fashioned gospel. The characters are young teenagers after all.

Definitely an ELF (comes with the title and the background of the webcomic), boy or girl truly doesn’t no matter. I’m a guy and like women and tend not to like boys and I would prefer another female elf, but hey I’m not paying or anything. The author/artist decides what he wants to create.

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