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Why did I get Skyrim

Argh. This has got to be the single most time draining game I’ve ever played. Haven’t been this unproductive in a long time, and I’m only level 10 or something. My character is a female wood elf rogue called Tarin. How original, I know. So far all I’ve done is break into houses and steal everyone’s things while they’re sleeping.

No update this week

Sorry guys, had too much on this week to work on the comic. In the meantime you should all play Skyrim, which I’ve heard really good things about. I still haven’t got it, and probably don’t have the time to play right now – but it looks amazing in all the preview videos. It’s probably the type of game where

ANTS: OnLine

Just in case some of you were looking for ANTS (my old webcomic), you can find it here. I started this at school and kinda forgot about it till years later. It then went online for a couple years and updated every month or so. Too bad I had to discontinue it due to time constraints. Me and my flatmate

Wacom Inkling

So I just heard about this new toy from Wacom which is coming out sometime next month with a MSRP of US$199.99. I have a feeling they will sell like hotcakes. The Inkling is basically a tool that lets you sketch on any pad/paper, but records your doodles digitally in vector format. You can then transfer them to your computer


So I’ve been pretty busy at work these past few weeks working on a new game called Flur. Me and another dude were given three weeks to make it so he did all the programming and I did all the pretty pictures and music/sound. The idea was to make something really relaxing and stress-relieving, something you could play at your