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Heroes Of The Storm

So I was trolling youtube the other day and came across a Blizzard trailer for Heroes Of The Storm. Now I’m definitely not a DoTA player, actually I haven’t even so much as looked at a MOBA-type game before, but this definitely has my interest. Being able to fuck shit up as Diablo is quite high on my list of

2013 Update

So yup, 2013 is here (happeh nuu yeeeear erryone) and I’ve moved house yet again. And it’s a good un! Larger room, moar storage, bigger bathroom, huge garage, a deck upstairs, open plan kitchen and living area, fast-ish internet, guitar and amp all set up. Significantly better than the old place which was, how do I put it, a little

Moving House

Quick update. So yeah, moving into a new place, and everything is going all right… but there is NO INTERNET!!! Argggh. The worst part is I am still paying for it and New Zealand internet is fricking expensive. Gah!

No update this week

Christmas planning getting in the way. There will be one more update before I leave the country for Chrissie holidays. Holidays are awesome, I love holidays. Will return around mid jan.

Why did I get Skyrim

Argh. This has got to be the single most time draining game I’ve ever played. Haven’t been this unproductive in a long time, and I’m only level 10 or something. My character is a female wood elf rogue called Tarin. How original, I know. So far all I’ve done is break into houses and steal everyone’s things while they’re sleeping.